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General Dentistry — Dynamic Dental @ 486 in Belmont, NSW

We have all your general dental needs covered at Dynamic Dental @ 486. Whether you require a filling, a tooth extracted, or you are just due for a check-up and clean, we will ensure you receive the service you need in a comfortable environment.
Preventative Home care tips — Dynamic Dental @ 486 in Belmont, NSW

After assessing your teeth and gums, our Belmont dental hygienist will advise you on what you need to do to keep your mouth healthy. Our personalised advice will cover the basic brushing and flossing techniques recommended for maintaining strong, healthy teeth.
Age Appropriate Tips — Dynamic Dental @ 486 in Belmont, NSW

At Dynamic Dental, we pride ourselves on providing highly personalised dental care. Certain dental conditions are more prevalent among certain age groups. Because of this, our compassionate team will make sure you receive the advice, treatment and dental hygiene regime that suits both your unique dental structure and age bracket. We will spare no effort to help you maintain a healthy smile throughout your life.
Cosmetic Solutions — Dynamic Dental @ 486 in Belmont, NSW

Orthodontic services are available at our practice. We can provide dentures, implants, braces, crowns and bridges. Cosmetic tooth whitening services are also offered by our friendly team. We will make sure you receive orthodontic treatments appropriate to your age and facial structures.
In view of the high risk of cross contamination of the Covid 19 virus, Hilliar Driver Dental are following the guidelines set by the Australian Dental Association.

Due to the major mode of transmission of the Covid 19 virus being via respiratory means, oral procedures are thence a potential risk factor for direct transmission
and cross contamination.

Therefore, unless you deem that the procedure you elect to have performed by our Dental team is essential, delaying that procedure to a less critical time is an option that, you may like to consider.

At this stage, Hilliar and Driver Dental will continue to treat patients, though ask for patient awareness of the seriousness of this virus and its impact
on patients that have compromised medical conditions.

Your consideration in this matter is valued.

If you have any queries about this present request please contact the surgery. 49454331


At Dynamic Dental @ 486, we are all about helping you keep your smile beautiful. At our friendly Belmont dental clinic, we have been providing comprehensive orthodontic and general dentistry services for more than 60 years. Our compassionate staff are dedicated to providing personalised services and ensuring you benefit from professional advice for maintaining good oral health.

To book an appointment or find out more about our services, don't hesitate to contact our Belmont dentists today!