About Dental services

At Dynamic Dental @ 486, we offer personalised dentistry in a relaxed environment. For more than 60 years, our locally owned clinic has helped patients throughout Belmont, Newcastle and Lake Macquarie maintain good dental health. We make it a point to stay up to date with the latest trends in dental technology and patient comfort is our top priority.

Our dental practice was originally founded in Grover Street in Belmont before relocating to the Melvic Centre after the closing of the historic Melvic Theatre. In 1987, Dr Bruce Hilliar acquired the surgery and relocated the practice to its current location at 486 Pacific Highway. The next year, assistant dentist Dr Kent Driver joined the business and became an associate to Dr Hilliar in 1994. Thus, the entity Hilliar Driver Dental was founded. As of 1/1/15, our long
established practice changed its name to Dynamic Dental @ 486 in keeping with the services to which we aspire.

The friendly staff at our Belmont dental practice offer a variety of services, from general checkups and X-rays to extractions and orthodontic services. If you suffer from temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder or bruxism, we have the treatment techniques and facilities at our disposal to help provide pain relief. Emergency dental services are available.

Providing exceptional customer convenience and comfort is what we are all about at Dynamic Dental @ 486. We offer commonwealth dental health services and welcome Veterans' Affairs card holders.

To find out more about our services, or to book an appointment, don't hesitate to contact Dynamic Dental @ 486 today.

Our Team


Bruce Hillar

With the vision of providing convenient, family-friendly dental services in the Belmont region, Dr Bruce Hilliar co-established the practice more than 35 years ago. Bruce can take care of all your general dentistry needs. He can also provide personalised orthodontic services, TMJ treatments as well as crown and bridge work. Bruce will spare no effort to ensure you are as relaxed and comfortable as possible when you visit him.

Kent Driver

Before joining Dr Bruce Hilliar in 1988, Dr Kent Driver was a resident at the Royal Newcastle hospital, specialising in the treatment of dental trauma. Kent's background in endodontics and restorative dentistry, coupled with his knowledge of early orthodontics diagnosis, has made him an invaluable member of the Dynamic Dental @ 486 team. Kent Driver and Bruce Hilliar remain up to date with the latest treatment methods, in particular early intervention orthodontics and airway dysfunction.

Alison Lynch

Our resident oral hygienist Alison Lynch works alongside our dentists to help you maintain a healthy smile. Alison will ensure you receive friendly, personalised advice on the best flossing and brushing techniques for your specific mouth type. Taking early preventative measures when it comes to oral health is better for both your teeth and your wallet in the long run, and Alison will provide you with tips to help you apply these preventative techniques.