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At Dynamic Dental @ 486, we have your dental, oral hygiene and orthodontic requirements covered. Our Belmont dentists pride themselves on offering personalised dental services within a relaxed, welcoming environment.

Whether you are due for a check-up, or you have a dental emergency, our team can help.
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Age Appropriate Treatment

Fundamentally, we at Dynamic Dental provide oral care services that cater to patient needs, hence treating each patient as an individual. This is important, for there are no two people in this world of the same makeup and desires, and nor are their considerations. So, why be a number when you can be treated as an individual.
With this in mind, it is important to consider age appropriate treatment for our patients. The focus of dental care for an infant is different to a child, which is different to a teenager, which different to a young adult, which is different to a middle aged adult, which is different to an elderly patient.


- What areas should our patients focus on then?


  • Diet
  • Airway/sleep disorders
  • Finger/thumb/dummy sucking
  • Quality of enamel of primary teeth
  • Accompanied dental visits to dental hygienists for oral hygiene instruction
  • Systemic chronic infections like asthma
  • Diet
  • Mouth breathing frequency leading to orthopaedic changes of facial bones
  • Quality of enamel of newly erupted permanent teeth
  • Fissure sealing caries prone areas
  • Early intervention orthodontics/orthopaedics
  • Missing incisors
  • Oral hygiene instruction of mixed dentition
  • Permanent teeth development
  • Dental arch shape
  • Tooth wear and abrasion
  • Orthodontic classification and correction
  • Presence of unerupted teeth, i.e wisdom teeth or canines
  • Oral Hygiene instruction instituting daily flossing regime and good oral maintenance
  • Daily oral hygiene regime tailored to lifestyle and skeletal classification i.e. smoking
  • Removal of impacted teeth
  • Role modelling and educating for developing young family
  • Cosmetic whitening
  • Early intervention periodontal treatment
  • Bruxism and TMJ soreness
  • Cosmetic management of dental abnormalities
  • Restoration of compromised teeth
  • Periodontal management
  • Sound restorations for ageing enamel
  • Dry mouth considerations
  • Diet
  • Tooth strengthening medicaments
  • Restoration of lost tooth height due to natural/grinding attrition.
  • Oral cancers
Just brushing your teeth will not cut it. It is so much more, and one has to view there are the supporting structures of equal importance. At Dynamic Dental @486, we recognise this, and deliver a service appropriate to all according to their age. Having the wealth of knowledge and long service in the dental profession, we are able to offer this unique service. Be educated, be aware, and reap the benefits of our experience.


In order to maintain optimum dental health, it is important to receive regular dental check-ups and cleans. Our friendly staff have the latest facilities and equipment to provide the following general dental services.
  • Dental check-ups
  • X-rays
  • Fillings
  • Extractions
  • Teeth cleaning and polishing
Patient comfort is our priority at Dynamic Dental @ 486, and our staff will answer all your questions and ensure you receive practical advice for maintaining good day-to-day dental health habits.


When it comes to dental decay and gum disease, we believe prevention is always better than cure. Our resident dental hygienist Alison Lynch will make sure you receive oral health advice that will help protect your smile and your wallet in the long run.

There is no 'one method fits all' approach to achieving the best oral health possible. To reduce the risk of developing dental decay and gum disease, Alison will provide you with brushing and flossing techniques best suited to your unique dental structure. Super Floss as well as dental mousse may be recommended to address tooth erosion and plaque build up.


Root canal treatments (also called endodontic treatments) are offered at our Belmont dental surgery.

In cases of tooth pulp damage, decay or disease, a root canal treatment can save the tooth from being extracted. If you are experiencing symptoms such as tooth pain, sensitivity (either to heat or cold), discolouration or gum swelling/soreness, it may be a sign that there is an infection in the pulp. If so, a root canal treatment may be necessary. The treatment should be arranged as soon as possible to improve the chances of success. If an infected tooth is left unchecked, the infection can spread, causing an abscess that may damage the bone around the roots of the tooth.

Root canal treatments typically require 2 to 3 visits to our practice to be completed.

  • During the initial visit, each tooth that needs treating will have its root canal cleared, enlarged and shaped with a small file. We will ensure you are as comfortable as possible during this procedure.
  • To help prevent inflammation and infection, anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial medicines will be inserted within the root canal. Oral antibiotics will be required if severe abscesses have formed at the root tip.
  • To complete the treatment process, the root canal will be filled and the pulp chamber sealed. Because treated root canals are particularly vulnerable to fracturing, an artificial crown may be required to add additional reinforcement.

After the initial stages of the root canal treatment, you may experience slight pain and discomfort. This discomfort should only last a few days. Aspirin, ibuprofen and paracetamol can help provide relief. Always check with your health professional before taking any medication.

Cosmetic Dentistry

For convenient cosmetic dental services, be sure to book an appointment at Dynamic Dental @ 486. We offer a comprehensive range of dentures and implants at our independent practice personalised to suit your unique smile. Our friendly team will consult with you to ensure all your questions are answered, as well as provide you with important maintenance tips.

The orthodontic products we offer include.
  • Dentures
  • Implants
  • Braces
  • Crowns
  • Bridges

Tooth Whitening

At Dynamic Dental @ 486, we are committed to helping you smile with confidence. To achieve this, we sell take-home Zoom DayWhite products from leading brand Philips. In addition to helping you achieve a brighter smile, Zoom DayWhite can provide your teeth with added enamel protection as well as reduce sensitivity.


Apart from helping you look great, straight teeth will allow you to better maintain good oral health in the long run. At our orthodontic practice, we can tailor braces to help you achieve a beautiful, straighter smile.

There are a variety of orthodontic bracket systems available at our practice. Our range includes porcelain orthodontic systems, which are known to be more cosmetically appealing than metal brackets, though the down side is that it usually takes more time to achieve the desired result than the more traditional metal bracket systems. They are also more expensive and don't always cater to the patient's needs.

It is estimated that 7 out of 10 people would benefit from orthodontic systems at some stage of their lives. In order to ensure that orthodontic problems do not develop, it is important to be assessed at an early age. For most individuals, the best time to commence orthodontic treatment is between the ages of 12-14. However, before braces are fitted, cleaning and preliminary treatments may be required.

In order to properly maintain your braces, as well as prevent decay and gingivitis, it is important to do the following:
  • Brush 3 times a day.
  • Use Super Floss once a day (flossing both around brackets and between teeth).
  • Interproximal brushing after eating.
  • Fluoride mouth rinse on a daily basis.


To better strengthen a tooth that is vulnerable to fracture (as a result of a root canal treatment, etc) an artificial crown may be required to protect and straighten the natural one. The crown is the part of the tooth that is seen above the gums.

Artificial crowns are made from long-lasting materials, usually porcelain and gold alloy. Though the risk of allergies to these materials is rare, this should be assessed before crowns are placed.

The preparation for a crown involves the following steps
  • At your first appointment, the area around the tooth will be numbed with local anaesthetic, and the tooth then shaped with a high speed drill. This will make the tooth smaller so that the new crown can fit according to your bite.
  • To ensure that changes to the prepared tooth are recorded, regular impressions will be taken throughout the process.
  • After shaping is completed, a temporary crown will be attached to the tooth with protective temporary cement. It is important to remember that the temporary crown is delicate, so sticky foods and hard foods should be avoided.
  • At your next appointment, the temporary crown will be removed and the permanent crown fitted with dental cement. No drilling will be required, and the cement should reach full strength after 24 hours.


Bruxism refers to the excessive clenching and grinding of teeth not associated with normal chewing. This grinding causes excessive wear on the teeth and may lead to pain in the jaw joints. Because grinding may occur during sleep, you may be unaware that you are doing it.

The signs and symptoms of bruxism include:
  • Tooth pain and sensitivity to both heat and cold.
  • Chronic facial pain and headaches, caused by muscle contraction.
  • Flattened and worn tooth surfaces, which can reveal yellow underlying dentine layer.
  • Broken and chipped teeth.
  • Loose teeth.
  • Ear ache.
  • Jaw joint pain and stiffness.

At Dynamic Dental @ 486, we can repair damage caused by bruxism using crowns, inlays and fillings. We can also help correct behaviours that may cause excessive grinding and clenching.

One way we can help protect your teeth is by providing you with a hard plastic splint that fits over your teeth and is worn at night. This adds a cushioned layer between the dental arches to help prevent damage caused by sleep bruxism.


Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders are a group of conditions that cause pain, discomfort and/or dysfunction in the jaw joints. TMJ can also cause pain in the neck, ears, head and face. At our Belmont practice, we are able to relieve painful symptoms associated with TMJ with the latest techniques. Book an appointment with us today and our friendly staff will work out a treatment system personalised to your unique condition.